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What are the 9 MUST HAVE pieces of equipment for filming a wedding?

In the world of hustle and bustle, the more you have weighing you down the harder to move and get around. If I had to film a wedding with no second shooter, and I could ONLY BRING 9 PIECES of equipment what we they be? That's a great question!

Let's dive right into number 1!

First and foremost I would need DEFINITELY NEED 2 cameras minimum to make it work! So there goes 2 spots already! The two cameras I would bring are the Sony A74 and the FX3.

Sony FX3 makes an excellent wedding videography camera
Sony A74 makes an excellent wedding videography camera

With that said, 2 down, 7 pieces of equipment left! I would also need 3 tripods. One more very important piece of equipment that you can set and forget and move on. Two tripods would be for my cameras, and the other tripod would be for the next piece of equipment!

3 tripod minimum when filming a wedding

(That's 5 pieces of equipment already in the first 2 mentions, lol. We only have 4 left... Let's make it count!) Out of the 3 pieces of equipment left I would have to say is my new Amaran Tube Light which has proven to be a LIFE SAVER in low light situations. It is very capable and without it, It wouldn't be possible to get great footage during times like the reception. Plus the extra tripod is what it stands on.

lighting is more important than camera quality! Good lighting at a wedding is a must!
aperture amaran tube light

Next would have to definitely by my gimbal. Although there isn't always a need for a gimbal, it

can definitely help get dynamic shots and when you pair it with the next piece of equipment you can really get some incredible shots!

Gimbals have a place and time, but they do come in handy filming a wedding!

Next piece surely is useful and it gets great shots with or without the addition of a gimbal!

My YC Onion foot slider. Man oh man does it get me some AMAZING SHOTS! With or without the motor I promise you it is worth the investment for wedding videography! Once you get past lugging it around, the shots it can get you are breathtaking!

Sliders help get dynamic shots and useable b-roll again and again! Another must have for wedding videography!
YC Onion Slider


My DJI Mic setup is a game changer and a MUST HAVE for excellent audio and not too many moving parts! People don't realize this but good audio is more important than good video. Meaning someone will stop watching quicker due to poor audio than poor video.

Audio is more important than video and wedding films are no different! Good audio enhances your video more than you could believe!

I know you can say well what about lenses?? And honestly the lens and camera attached count as one because they are useless without one another. And if that isn't an option I have camera's that have the lens built in and can not come off and even though they aren't as good as my full frame cameras, I'd still rather have two decent quality camera angles than just one camera angle with slightly better picture...

And so that concludes this article and the top 8 pieces of equipment I NEED to film a wedding! Let me know what your list is and what you think of mine!

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