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My proud moment!

Having a old client reach out and tell you everyone loved your work is a great feeling! Getting booked by the same client again, even better

A client who hired me last year to make a mini documentary showcasing his organization Restorative Justice League, and all they do for our youth just reached out to me today. He told me that because of my video, his organization was able to go to different school districts and school boards and show them our video presentation and that the schools loved the video and they absolutely loved all that the organization offers for the students!

I am pleased to say that I am working on the contract for this years video presentation. A mini documentary to showcase all that this great organization does for our community at their next annual conference in Los Banos. I'll be working side by side with my best bud James Lamont Walker of JLW Social Enterprises and I am super appreciative for this opportunity!

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